Green FTAR Green Environment [Part III]

The Solutions I Recycling & Innovation Aside from agreement on detoxification some radical and practical initiatives by the FTAR Chain alongwith some industry outsiders to green the environment are too worth-seeing and encouraging. These initiatives addressing the environmental issue in two ways; Deciding on the fate of clothing in the end of use New innovations […]

Green FTAR Green Environment [Part II]

The Solutions However, as long as civilization outlasts human being needs clothing and the FTAR have to deliver it but, in  a Green &  sustainable way. Since the consumers in general and FTAR exchanging values with each other,  both the consumers and the FTAR are equally required to play the role of greening the environment […]

Green FTAR Green Environment [Part I]

The Problems How big is the FTAR , the Fiber-Textile-Apparel-Retail Chain ? A Trillion dollar industry by now. How big is it to polluting our environment ? Second in the rank after Oil. The volume of clothing produced by the manufacturing plants per year is enough to provide 20 new clothes to every human being […]

Toward Green Environment

Clothing brands under FTAR and some industry outsiders are striving for environmental sustainability or Green environment. Tidbits  of their endeavors are here to see for ourselves. I:CO I:CO stands for “I collect“, a global end to end solutions provider for reusing and recycling of clothing & shoes. They are collecting clothing as well as shoes […]

Atmospheric Particulate Matter I AMP

What is Particulate Matter? There are things floating around in the air. Most of them we can’t see even. These airborne particles, a kind of air pollution, called Atmospheric Particulate Matter APM – also known as Particulate matter PM or Particulates. S I Z E. Particles can come in almost any shape or size, and can be solid […]